The Ongoing Adventures of Little Dog and Big Dog

I regularly publish a series of short, dialogue-only vignettes on my main blog, Whistling Far and Wee.  These sketches feature my beloved rescue dogs, Little Dog and Big Dog.  In this series, Little Dog and Big Dog chat about their interests, ranging from dinner to politics.  It’s a good time.

My friends seem to really enjoy my Little Dog/Big Dog stories, which I also routinely post on my personal Facebook feed, but there’s much debate about how to best present them.  One suggestion involved turning the adventures of Little Dog and Big Dog into web comics.   Cool idea, Facebook friends.  I can’t draw, but cool idea.

It seems like a lack of artistic talent would be a pretty big barrier to creating a web comic.  But no!  It turns out there’s this nifty service called Fiverr which is custom designed to connect visual artists with writers.  Hey, I’ll try anything once.

So, over the next few weeks (or months, if there is interest, or less, if money runs out) I will be paying the occasional Fiverr artist to illustrate one of my sketches.  Feel free to swing by and give me input as to which artist particularly strikes your fancy.  Alternately, I will also re-publish some of my sketches from Whistling Far and Wee on Fridays without illustration, and you can tell me if you think they are better off without visual aids.

And off we go!

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